Batman has a cave to change…
Superman changes is a phone booth (which is quite a challenge these days)…
But I, I use the refrigerator. They are all around and they are cool, it fits my cool image!

Ain’t I just the coolest guy in the world?

I’ve got the coolest name:

with a cool meaning: “Is it a leave?”
No, of course not, it is me!
(oh, sorry the meaning is rhetorical)

I’ve got the coolest Chinese zodiac:


I’ve got the coolest logo:


I’ve got a coolest place to change, my rechangerator:


I’ve got the coolest outfit:

(as you saw in my previous blog where I introduced my new superhero-outfit)

I’ve got the coolest entrance:


Now, who is making me a cool song?
If you want to become famous as composer of the best and coolest superhero earworm song, please leave a comment in the comment-box beneath!