Numbers only have value if you give them meaning…

(M. Delcour)

Miguel is the only Firm simplifier™ in the world. With Firm in Enterprise™ he facilitates and assists numerous firms, in the Netherlands and abroad.
Differing from welfare institution to large tech companies and from government to education. A Firm simplifier™ is useful everywhere.
It does not matter if it is called counseling, consult, interim-management, training, lecturing or facilitating, the outcome is always the same: a clear simplified logic that inspires people in the organisation.

Besides Firm simplifier™ Miguel is also founder and Concept Creator at Anniething®, an international trade and sourcing firm.

Miguel finds opportunities everywhere, keeps his mind positive and structurally starts his speeches with “How wonderful”. He is specialised in simplification of interdisciplinary organisational issues, and works industry-independent focussing on the organisation as a whole to prevent sub-optimisation.
He mastered the ability to work in business management, strategy, change management and (financial) process management, also within non-profit organisations, without using a sledge-hammer.

More and more firms and organisations acknowledge that issues aren’t to be solved within one department or Business Unit. Helping firms to prevent doing this since 2005, Miguel proved himself in a right focus on interdisciplinary general business issues.

He has a passion for global behaviour, as behaviour is the basic understanding for management and (macro)economical activities. And exactly that is the key for simplification of our current unnecessary complex behaviour, thought and trained by every firm and every organisation.

Miguel is an expert in finding the logic of current behaviour within firms and organisations, and inspiring people to simplify that. No management consultant, but Firm simplifier™.

Since busy people always have time left, he also can be hired as keynote speaker, honorary chairman or coach. All those activities will lead to the simplification, logic insights and inspiration… and that is, after all, where he is at his best.

If there is still some time left, he writes about different subjects relating his passion, the articles can be found here: hier.

You can wake him up in the middle of the night with a challenging issue within:

Interdisciplinary issues: general management, business management, strategy, process- & projectmanagement, change management;
Financial issues: setup management information (MIS), reports, accountability, interpretation and valuation, financial flows;
Entrepreneurial support: coaching, training, negotiating, reflect, (day) chairman, keynote speaker, lecturing.