“With both feet down to earth, you will never fly…”

(M. Delcour)

Miguel as a person:

Besides an international strategist, Miguel is curious, friendly, crazy about inspiring, innovating and showing people logic; he denounces, however, indecisiveness, lack of passion and (unnecessary) repetition. He has (corny) humour, guts, is a fanatic, spontaneous, fundamentally flexible, a concrete philosopher and always works in a simplifying way. Miguel loves chaos and can do several things at the same time, but as a high-context person, he always wants to know the context of the question or problem before he comes up with a solution. He expects much, first of all from himself, is quick to trust people, as a result of which he works in an endearing way, but he is not naïve. He is too old to call himself a born diginative 2.0, but he is a good 1.95 beta.
By choosing quickly, he takes decisions as a real man, but he possesses many feminine qualities too; not only a lousy sense of direction, but also his management style and approach to people exhibit little masculine traits. As a true ‘product’ of Montessori, he makes connections, handles his affairs in an interdisciplinary way, gladly helps others along and motivates himself. He finds competition to be only a relative concept and he has great trouble with injustice, scheming and deception.

Now that he is over 40, he has settled down and sowed his wild oats and is happy with his family. Miguel is (glad to be) everyone’s friend and sees opportunities everywhere, but he does not just spot opportunities, he also seizes them.

Miguel’s bio:

With graphic blood in his veins, Miguel grows up together with his brother to be the little toffee-nose in Hilversum. Because he stays small for so long, he develops a necessary eloquence and, because not everything falls into his lap by itself, he develops the character of a go-getter. As the son of a businessman, he is, partly due to his Montessori education, so aware of life that he knows what he wants to become by the time he is six years old. Just like his father, both his grandfathers and his great-grandfather, he is drawn by managing the family company: Delcour Bookbinders Ltd.

Directly after his high school he rushes full of conviction to the graphical industry and studies, after finishing his education Printing techniques and allied trades at the secondary vocational education in Amsterdam, Industrial Engineering / Graphic Management in Tilburg. Curious and hungry for knowledge and experience about Asian management styles, he decides in 1999 to use his internship of half a year to gain his first real work experience in Hangzhou, China, from which stems his particular love of China. After his return, he decides to crown his career as a student with a study Business Administration at the RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam with ‘Strategic Management’ as major.

Driven by his curiosity and particular interest in organising, he has been active in the field of business and management already long before his studies started, developing his facilitating style. Already during his studies, he becomes a member of the Supervisory Board of a housing association. After his studie, he works as organisation consultant at MWP Advies in Delft, where he has ample opportunities to add words into action; an adopted trait from Rotterdam that he certainly possesses. Directly after his probation, he, together with his wife buys a house in strategically positioned Zoetermeer. Still before he turned 30, he founds Firm in Enterprise™, out of which he simplifies various (international) companies and organisations with logic and inspiration. This way, Miguel is the first and only Firm simplifier in the world.