“But, what if… it is possible?”

Name M. Delcour MScBA BEng ECBS
First name Miguel
Date of Birth 28 April 1975
Place of Birth Hilversum
Nationality Dutch
Sex male
Marital status married
Children Chloé (2011) & Sylvain (2013)
Address Pruisisch blauw 2
Zip code 2718 KL
City / Country Zoetermeer / the Netherlands
Phone +31621278277
E-mail address info@firminenterprise.nl
E-mail address (private) miguel@delcour.nl
URL www.firminenterprise.nl
URL (private) www.delcour.nl

As experienced strategist and Firm simplifier™, I have an interdisciplinary focus. As (interim) director/board member I am at my best in complex, new and/or changing (international) environments, because I like to simplify matters. By focussing on the professionalisation of business-management, strategy, change management and (financial) process management itself within both profit and non-profit, I thrive within (politically) administrative environments. I quickly oversee complex issues and easily win people over to change by showing them the logic of behaviour, by which I provide sustainable and well-founded practical solutions. With strong social involvement and a high EQ my approach is professional and tactful, but always humane and with humour; i.e. good stakeholder management. I am strong both verbally and in written form and –as creative quick-thinker– come up with prompt specific decisions.

2020 – present: General Manager, Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI).
PP&L accountability of € 3.5 million, 28 employees and ± 17,000 engineering members and subscribers.

2005 – present: Firm simplifier | owner, Firm in Enterprise™.
Interim-management, consultancy, facilitation & coaching for profit and non profit.
As Firm simplifier I support firms in business management, strategy, change management and (financial) process management.

2008 – present: Marketing/Sales director & Concept creator | owner, Anniething®.
Import, sourcing and trade focused on Asia.
Elaborating (end) customer needs into promotional business concepts. Acquisition, sales and purchasing of demand-driven goods for the proposed concepts. Acquisition of sourcing orders for purchases in Asia. Produce DTP, graphical design and artwork for proposed concepts.

2019 – 2020: Chief Executive, Royal Dutch Association of Printing and Allied Industries (KVGO).
Employers’ association printed media.
Overall responsibility for the organisation, organisational renewal and representation of the industry. P&L accountability of € 3 million, 15 employees, ± 800 company members.

2011 – 2018: Franchisee | owner, NationExpat.com.
Digital web-platform for expat-entrepreneurs in 80+ countries.
Concept creation, content and technique of the platform for BrazilExpat.com. Manage writers & ICT-team (1,5 FTE) and expand to BeneluxExpat.com. Realise strategy for franchise platform of 87 countries.

2010 – 2016: General Manager | Co-owner, Firm2Find.
GPS solutions for global finding of people, pets and belongings.
Responsible for strategy, finance, ICT, legal, international sales, member (technical) R&D-team.
Strategy- and concept creation for global finding and realising App2Find (>650k downloads).
Responsible for technical development Tool2Find, setup team of 6 people. Realisation of an investment of € 150k, setup international distribution network, realisation of B2C-channel (www.gpstrackshop.com).

2004 – 2005: Organisational renewal consultant, MWP Advies.
Consultancy for businesses, government and healthcare.
Several consultancy projects.

2023 – present: Strategy Board-member of Technical University Delft Extension School.
2023 – present: Mentor at RSM Mentorme.
2022 – present: Mediator politicians and board members of  VVD Region Zuid-Holland (Dutch Liberal Party).
2021 – present: Board Member The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT).
2020 – present: Board Member PAO Techniek en Management (Post Academic Education Technique & Management).
2017 – present: Start-up coach, Qredits Microfinancing the Netherlands.
2017 – present: Executive Board-member and Treasurer Dutch Montessori Association.
2017 – 2023: Chairman of the Association for Craft Bookbinders.
2016 – 2022: Treasurer VVD Region ‘Zuid-Holland’ (Dutch Liberal Party).
2019 – 2020: Steering Committee Member Intergraf.
2019 – 2020: Working Group Member Social Dialog Intergraf.
2019 – 2020: Treasurer Stichting A&O Fons Grafimedia.
2019 – 2020: Member of the employers’ council, PGB Pensioendiensten.
2017 – 2017: Lecturer International Business, Marketing & Business coach (parttime) EuroCollege Management School.
2016 – 2019: Chairman Selection Committee Advisory Council Social Domain Zoetermeer.
2015 – 2015: Chairman of the supervisory board Nostram foundation.
2015 – 2016: Secretary Firm2Find investment cooperation.
2013 – 2013: Chairman Committee VVD-election program council 2014-2018.
2013 – 2013: Chairman of the supervisory board Aisa NU health foundation.
2012 – 2012: Member campaign team Ard van der Steur, member of the Duch Parlement, as from 2015 Minister of Justice.
2011 – 2015: Chairman of the supervisory board Clementia Health Group, The Hague. (Chairman since May 2013).
2010 – 2011: Member strategic campaign-team VVD City Council elections Province ‘Zuid-Holland’.
2009 – 2010: Campaign manager Municipal elections VVD Zoetermeer (Dutch Liberal Party).
2008 – 2015: Thesis supervisor for (international) students of IVA-Driebergen Business School.
2008 – 2014: Lecturer International Business (part-time) 3rd year students IVA-Driebergen Business School.
2008 – 2008: Lecturer Logistics & Workflow management, Staf & Kader – Stivako
2007 – 2016: Chairman VVD Zoetermeer (Dutch Liberal Party) (Chairman as of 2010).
2007 – 2010: Committee Member at Economic Committee VVD (Dutch Liberal Party).
2007 – 2007: Lecturer Economics, Logistics & Management – Stivako.
2006 – 2016:
Chairman Selection Committee ‘WMO Participation Committee’ of the Municipality Zoetermeer.
2006 – 2008: Member of the advice Committee SHS (tenant association).
2003 – 2006: Member of the Supervisory Board Stadswonen Rotterdam (stopped due to emigration).
2002 – 2003: Chairman of the Council meetings SHS (tenant association).
2001 – 2002: Founder / treasurer for SHS (tenant association).
2000 – 2003: Chairman Pressure Group ‘Schouders van Zuid’, tenants student / guesthouse.
2000 – 2003: Caretaker for housing complex ’t Leidsche Veem & International Guesthouse Rotterdam.
1997 – 1998: Chairman of the Study Union ‘Corps ’87’.
1997 – 1998: Member of the Advisory Board Small Enterprise ‘Plexilon’.
1995 – 1996: General Manager / Founder Small Enterprise ‘G.L. Graphics’.

2024 – present: Short university-program storytelling and Concepting, LOI.

2016: Executive Chartered Business Strategist, Canadian Business Strategy Association (ECBS).

2000 – 2003: Business Administration, RSM Erasmus University (MScBA).
Major: Strategic management. Minor: International wheeling & dealing.
Minor: International wheeling & dealing.
Thesis: “Reviewing the Resource Allocation Process of Strategy”.

1996 – 2000: Industrial Engineering, Avans University Tilburg (BEng).
Major: Marketing.
Internship: Hangzhou CRON Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd., China.
Thesis: “De kranten samendrukken”, PcM Uitgevers NV, Rotterdam.

1996: Young Enterprise Europe Examination, University of Oxford (graduated).

1992 – 1996: Printing techniques and allied trades, Media College Amsterdam (graduated).
Internship: Buhrman – Tetterode, Amsterdam.

1987 – 1992: High School, Alberdingk Thijm College Hilversum (graduated).

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