“I’m a fairy tale, but nobody believes in me…”

(M. Delcour)

Miguel’s work might have a huge commercial element, in his hart he is a real do-gooder. As such his is involved in many social activities for people, animals and society. It is no coincidence that he professionalises non-profit organisations, it is the perfect combination of giving meaning to himself, social responsibility and adding the most value.

In his spare time he is, besides heavily involved in raising his children Chloé en Sylvain, Chairman of the Association for Craft Bookbinders, Start-up coach, Qredits Microfinancing The Netherlands, Treasurer Dutch Montessori Association, Treasurer VVD Region ‘Zuid-Holland’ (Dutch Liberal Party) and Chairman Selection Committee Advisory Council Social Domain Zoetermeer.

Before he was, inter alia, Committee Member at Economic Committee VVD (Dutch Liberal Party), Member of the Supervisory Board Stadswonen Rotterdam, Chairman VVD Zoetermeer (Dutch Liberal Party), Chairman of the supervisory board Clementia Health Group, The Hague, Secretary Firm2Find investment cooperation, Chairman Committee VVD-election program council 2014-2018, Chairman of the supervisory board Aisa NU health foundation and Thesis supervisor for (international) students of IVA-Driebergen Business School. For more information, please got to Curriculum Vitae.

Miguel has also a profound lecturing experience in courses as International Business, Successful Coachen, Logistic, Economics, Workflow Management, Marketing and Operational Management for educational institutions as IVA-Driebergen Business School, Business School Rotterdam, EuroCollege, Stivako and Business School Nederland.

Freedom and responsibility, independence, grasping opportunities and, if possible, facilitating others are so internalised in his bones, that he uses this in his management style and the parenting of his children. This also explains his deep interests in politics.

If possible he likes to give interns a nice opportunities at his own firms, over 10 students have explored their opportunities under his watch, two of them were even hired by him.

Since Miguel is a caring person, he is a trained Emergency Response Officer (ERO) and First-aider for Baby’s and Children.

Part of his profit/income is spent on charity, in the past at “Stichting Dier en Project”, “Stichting Missahoe Wonder”, “familiehuis van het Langeland Ziekenhuis in Zoetermeer”, “Stichting Floravontuur” (city promotion) and sponsor of the Dutch Table tennis union.