I don’t understand, if luck is with the stupid, why do I have so much luck?

(M. Delcour)
Miguel is in love, engaged and married to Annie Tzi Hang Delcour – Yip.
Living in the same apartment building in Rotterdam, they met at June 7 2000. As Miguel was the caretaker and Annie first in line to for a new apartment, it must have been destiny. Exactly three weeks later the were courted.
Annie left for Shanghai the same year as international exchange student, but in stead of a breakup, this strengthened their relationship. The 16th of August 2005 Miguel asked Annie to marry him, right on the top of a mountain on the Canary Islands. June 28, the same day they where a couple for the first time, in 2006 they got married.

Just before their engagement, at the end of 2005, they were asked to help out a furniture factory in China. They left their newly purchased home and emigrated to Shanghai at February 13th 2006.

After their return to the Netherlands, they resettled in Zoetermeer and continued theirs lives together. In 2011 they slowed down business focus to enjoy their precious daughter Chloé Yip Hei Delocur (2011) and Sylvain Yip Man Delcour (2013).

They settled strategically in a beautiful and quiet town Zoetermeer since 2004 (except for the Shanghai adventure) and enjoy the luxury of sharing business and private under one roof. There is no line between private and business, maximising flexibility of life and business.

As if life is not perfect enough, they are very lucky to have a great school at only 11 minutes drive. The only bilingual Montessorischool where children can start at the age of 3; open 50 weeks a year and with integrated functional schoolcare. It is their second home, called Casa.

If you like to read and see stories of their lives, specially that of Chloé of Sylvain, please feel free to read their complete, honest and open life-blog which you can find in the menu.